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The crystal structure, cryogenic magnetic properties, and magnetocaloric performance of double
perovskite Eu2NiMnO6 (ENMO), Gd2NiMnO6 (GNMO), and Tb2NiMnO6 (TNMO) ceramic powder
samples synthesized by solid-state method have been investigated. X-ray diffraction structuralinvestigation reveal that all compounds crystallize in the monoclinic structure with a P21/n spacegroup. A ferromagnetic to paramagnetic (FM-PM) second-order phase transition occurred in ENMO,GNMO, and TNMO at 143, 130, and 112 K, respectively. Maximum magnetic entropy changes and relative cooling power with a 5 T applied magnetic field are determined to be 3.2, 3.8, 3.5 J/kgK and 150, 182, 176 J/kg for the investigated samples, respectively. The change in structural, magnetic, and magnetocaloric effect attributed to the superexchange mechanism of Ni2+–O–Mn3+ and Ni2+–O–Mn4+.
The various atomic sizes of Eu, Gd, and Tb affect the ratio of Mn4+/Mn3+, which is responsible for the considerable change in properties of double perovskite.